“The only thing that holds more groove than Adrienne’s bass playing is her attitude towards teamwork and making our set its absolute best. We’re lucky to have her help us all find the pocket. Dope AF.”


“Adrienne Osborn is one of the most talented and hard-working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in the music industry. As a bass player, she not only holds down the groove, but also takes part in crafting the song arrangements & bringing melodic ideas to the table. She learned and nailed several challenging bass riffs in my songs for our first gig. Hoping to play many more gigs with her!”


“I LOVE working with Adrienne, and let me say I have been so picky about vocal coaches. Being a professional performer and having a bachelors in vocal performance makes finding a teacher with an advanced enough vocal understanding difficult, but Adrienne has really taken my performances to the next level with her instruction. Her extensive knowledge of the vocal process and her ability to regress and progress exercises based on where I am that day is extraordinary. Thank you, Adrienne!”


“Adrienne helped me dig deep and find a voice I didn’t even know I had. I didn’t realize I was capable of going to such a vulnerable fragile place when I sing softly, and then she helped me to belt out energy and inspiration at  full voice.  Her teaching it’s going to help my Ted talk punch a hole in the sky!”

– Phil Jason Stone, Singer-Songwriter

“Working with Adrienne over the last few months has been a revelation. I was a guitar player who aspired to sing but my material was limited due to the limitations of my vocal range. Once Adrienne knew what I was looking for, in terms of extending my range, she very quickly understood my vocal issues and within a few lessons had me going places I had never been with my singing voice. If you could hear the difference in my voice a few months ago and now, you would understand why I called Adrienne “a miracle worker” after our last lesson. As a result of working with Adrienne my confidence is much greater and the range of songs I cover has increased hugely. The warm up exercises provided by Adrienne ensure that I am no longer straining when I reach for those higher notes and I am much more prepared both physically and mentally when I perform.”

– Al P., Solo Performer, UK

“I have been working with Adrienne for about 8 months now.

I have always been told that I have a beautiful voice and a true talent. But I never believed it and honestly felt like people were just trying to make me feel good. Then I met Adrienne and from our very first lesson she has made me feel so much more comfortable and confident in myself.

Adrienne has taught me how to know and recognize the differences between my head and chest voice. My breathing, tone, and posture has become so much better since working with her. She has helped me improve things I have struggled with for years in just a few sessions.

I honestly did not expect to see the amount of progress I have made in a year, let alone in just eight months. Each lesson we focus on an issue and she helps find multiple ways to help me improve.

“The best part about working with Adrienne is that she is so genuine and encouraging. She isn’t just there to collect money and move on to the next. She truly cares and offers support in so many ways. She puts her passion for music and performance into every class and invests that same dedication into her students. She always has a warm and welcoming smile and gives off an amazing spirit.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat! She is a true gem and I feel fortunate to be working with her.”

– Ramara C.

“I have taken only a few lessons with Adrienne, but already she has changed my singing style for the better! I have been studying classical singing for around five years, and as a result had a very operatic sound. I wanted to mellow that sound out and add more of a chest/mixed voice element. Adrienne had some excellent ideas to help me achieve the sound I wanted. After only one lesson, my band noticed a big difference in the sound and control I had over my voice, and now I am much happier with the way I sound!”

– Amanda F, Lead Vocalist

“I’ve taken lessons with all of the other teachers in my area, but they kept pushing me back into the classical or opera ways of hitting notes. With Adrienne I’ve learned to expand my range higher and lower with a pop tone that fits the music I do, and the difference has been huge. She helped my combine the new knowledge she was giving me without forgetting everything I knew before. Even the musicians I play with have noticed the difference, I’m singing with much more confidence, I’m doing more ad libs, I’m on top of the songs.”

– Elizabeth M., Worship Leader

“When our daughter began working with Adrienne over a year ago, her range was limited and her stage confidence was also in need of a major boost. Adrienne set manageable expectations and together they worked every week to meet specific goals. We feel very lucky to have found such a professional, knowledgeable and encouraging vocal coach.

The growth we have seen in our daughter is impressive. Adrienne also provides opportunities for her students to perform in public and she even goes out of her way to come watch our daughter perform even if it’s not a Performance High show. The bond our daughter has with Adrienne and the experiences she has gained working with her are invaluable.

Her coaching has enabled our child to be a member of a top choir at her high school as well as an annual soloist in her school shows. But more important than being able to sing, Adrienne has boosted our daughter’s confidence and given her the courage to take on new challenges above and beyond the stage.”

– Tai Beldock, Owner, Erico Motorsports

“I recently started voice lessons with Adrienne after a 4 year singing break, and within a few short weeks I am regaining my connectivity, range and vibrato!  Adrienne has an uncanny ability to zero-in on the exact exercises that I need to transform my voice and further my progress.”

– Zoe R.

“Kelsea has developed a confidence and poise that I believe is directly attributable to the positive influence Adrienne has had on her. Since starting lessons with Adrienne my daughter’s singing has improved immensely, and she’s having a great time. [Adrienne] definitely has a way with teenagers and I highly recommend her for anyone considering lessons.”

– Mariellen D., Parent

“I saw Adrienne just a couple of times, but those two lessons were enough to build my confidence in my abilities. Not only did she give me key vocal techniques that I could internalize and use, but she encouraged me to follow my dream and pursue my passion. I will be forever grateful to her.”

– Su Charles, American Idol Finalist

As a gigging guitarist and vocalist wanting to take things to the next level I needed a performance/vocal coach that understands what performing live is all about.

“It’s pretty straightforward to find someone who will help you sing better in your choir, but I wanted someone who understands belting out rock or country at 2:00 am in a four-hour set.  Someone who can pull the maximum sensitivity and nuance out of every word of a ballad.  Someone who understands differences in genres and adapts accordingly. Someone who can improve your stage dynamics, help you capture an audience, build energy, and leave em’ wanting more.  Most importantly I wanted someone who is actively performing in those situations.

Not only has Adrienne delivered all that and more, but she is an absolute delight to work with. She tailors everything to the student’s specific needs in a clear, concise manner.  She records each session, so you can work at home to perfect what you learn, and build capability….fantastic!

So for a working vocalist, an aspiring one, or someone who just wants to sing well for the pure joy of it, I don’t think you’ll find anyone better than Adrienne.”

– Doc W., Vocalist and Guitarist, The Omnibuds and .45 Long