Adrienne plays with the Petty Nicks Experience, the Jacob Larson Band, and The Legend Makers. Click through to their event listings for the most up-to-date info.

About Adrienne

Adrienne is an accredited IVTOM vocal coach and the owner of Performance High, a multi-teacher vocal training and artist development studio in Denver that helps teen and adult commercial vocalists become the artists they dream of.

Adrienne graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in a self-designed interdisciplinary study that looked a lot like Computer Science, but skipped the compiler classes – and left her time to start the Stanford Water Ski Team. 

She left the late 90’s tech hotbed of Silicon Valley for the slightly less techie land of central Florida with a dream to become a professional waterskier. Luckily, while skiing three times a day in Orlando, she still got to make use of her degree and participate in the dot-com revolution by working remotely for a San Francisco startup and then for Bidtripper, a vacation-auction startup that was acquired by global B2B company TravelClick before it had a real user base to worry about.

As a software developer at TravelClick, she moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2000 to work on B2B and internal web apps until 2006 when the office was shut down. With advance inside intel, she had already purchased a ticket for Madrid departing the next day. She took advantage of that trip to catch up with her foreign exchange host family in Bilbao, and to see Ibiza in the off-season. (Hint: not much is open.)

As a waterskier, she competed from high school until she won Nationals for the third time in 2003. Her personal best of 3@38′ off, performed at a tournament where there happened to be a $1000 cash prize for breaking a record, still stands as a Western Region record.  It also represents 91% of her total cash winnings from her 13-year competitive water skiing career.

After she made a pivot into music in the late 2000’s, she encountered terrifying stage fright.  So she took the peak-performance mental techniques she had learned for competitive waterskiing and translated them to the stage, encapsulating them into a DVD titled The Zen of the Stage: Performing in the Zone

Over the next decade, she sang with Dois (Brazilian and Latin jazz), Wazobia (Afropop), Girls on Top (funk/Motown/R&B), The Fever (dance music), and Urban Dance Theory (dance music). She also played keys in Guitar Villains (live band karaoke), and bass guitar in Urban Dance Theory, Driving Karma (original rock), and her own pop-rock band, Adrienne O.

Adrienne O was active from 2012-2018.  The band released three EPs and three official music videos and played at venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, the Bluebird Theatre, the Gothic Theatre and Coors Field.

She now focuses on growing Performance High, bringing live band karaoke to company parties with The Legend Makers, performing as Stevie Nicks in the The Petty Nicks Experience tribute band, becoming a better electric bass player, and releasing vocal tips on YouTube .

She lives in Denver with her partner Justin and a cat who technically belongs to another Denver musician.