This is my blog. I plan to fill it with good things, so that whenever I feel down (which is often, in 2020), I can remind myself of things I like.  Without continuing to support social networks.  On my own patch of turf.

No one will probably read this blog.  That’s OK.  But if you found your way here, welcome. I hope you like it.


Straight from Seth Godin today:  Qarrtsiluni is the Inuit word for “sitting together in the darkness, quietly, waiting for something creative or important to occur.”

Can you imagine the tension if you tried to do this with friends?

I can only imagine doing this alone. And even then it would be very hard. 

A long walk in Japan

There was a time I wanted to check out of society for a year and live in southeastern Utah in a conversion van. On long silent desert hikes I have felt glimpses of the “floating consciousness moving through the world” that Craig Mod describes in this article and I want to get back to that feeling, and live in it for weeks and months. Now, I’m not willing to check out from life for that long.